The mountain ranges - Altai, Tien Shan, Dzhungar Alatau are very nice sights of Kazakhstan. In recent years, paragliding is developing in our country. And an ideal platform for air flights is located in the foothills of the Dzhungar Alatau.

   The tourist center is actively developing in the city of Tekeli, Almaty region, which is 20 km from the city of Taldykorgan.  Paragliding site is located not far from Tekeli in the wide valley of the Karatal River.

   In 2009, Sport Club Alga was created by Igor Alikovich Virshki, which started to work on developing of paragliding accuracy, then with other type extreme sport. This club (school) is located in Taldykorgan. Among the professionals there are also beginners who try their skills and abilities.


   Sport Club Alga, on behalf of  Federation of  Extreme Sport, Federation of Aviation Sports of  Kazakhstan were held events as Asian Paragliding Accuracy Competition (pre-event) 2015, Asian Paragliding Accuracy Championship 2016, Open Cup of Kazakhstan from 2012.


   Pilots get to the launch on the cars. 300 meter high mountains are the starting point.   The territory is quite large to choose a different direction for the flight.

   Landing site is foot of the mountains, a special place is set on the site in the form of a canvas, which can be seen from a distance. Each pilot tries to do their best and this is the one things which is united the people.

Competition organiser:

 Sport club ALGA, Konaeva street 16, 040000, Taldykorgan, Kazakhstan.


tel: +7 775 696 9970

fax: +7 7282 309018

skype: AlgaSport club